Monday, May 28, 2007


Art of Living Course

Sachin Singh, an Oracle Developer from Deloitte Consulting, lives in Daytona Beach. He took the Course in Orlando, three weeks ago. Sachin earned his Bachelors and Masters in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology.

“My work requires me to interact with many different people. After taking the course for the first time in India four years ago, I have become an efficient communicator. I am more receptive to people’s ideas and I am enjoying being more creative. Earlier I was a big procrastinator. Now I am cured of that and I am able to take more and more responsibilities."

Dr. Toussaint noted that “Preliminary independent studies that have been done on the core Art of Living Course techniques, particularly Sudarshan Kriya, found significant improvement in health and well-being, increase in energy level, relief of depression and an increased ability to be both relaxed and focused when faced with stresses and challenges of everyday life.”

As per Dr. Toussaint: “Statistically significant decreased levels of LDL cholesterol and increased levels of glutathione, superoxide dismutase and catalase were found in preliminary studies. These are powerful antioxidants which prevent many chronic diseases”,

Ray Diaz, a Networks Operations Specialist from Embarq says, "I got so much out of this course that it's hard to decide what to say about it. I came out of this course feeling very peaceful and optimistic about my life. I can understand myself and others so much better now and I feel so much empathy for everyone around me. Everything in my life is hopeful now and I walk around with a little smile on my face all day long now. This course literally changed my life. "

Marie Zabel Markarian, a PhD candidate in Analytical Chemistry at the Florida State University in Tallahassee was another person in the recent Orlando Course. With a warm smile, she voiced: “it was beautiful . . . It is awesome! I had such a great time! . . . experience the miracles!”

Purnima Kalahasthi, presently based in Orlando has a Masters in Computer Engineering Technology. “This Course has helped me to reduce stress and be more focused toward achieving my goals at work and at home.” She is a Consultant for SAS. In 1999, she took her first AOLF Course in India. She was also one of the members of the March course in Orlando.

Laurie Mooty is the personal assistant to Anil Deshpande, the CEO and founder of Deshpande, Inc. in Orlando. Her experience with the March Course: “I have feelings of inner peace and relaxation. My energy level has increased and I am more focused. I sleep better.”

Sahj Samadhi Meditation Course

Ray Diaz , a Networks Operations Specialist from Embarq has this to say: "I have been studying and meditating on and off for many years. I thought I knew all I needed to know about the subject and all I had to do was put in the time and do it. -- Man, was I wrong! The method I learned on this course is so much simpler and direct than anything else I had studied or practiced before. Now when I combine it with the daily program from the Art of Living Course, I can take my meditation to a whole new and deeper level. Thanks to this course, meditation is a daily part of my live again, and I meditate every morning without fail."


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